Improving Outcomes Through Early Intervention

Equipment and Methods

We conducted a electronic computer investigating of English-language articles using the MEDLINE database (1966 to September 2007). Combinations of the pursuit key Christian Bible were used: pulmonary hypertension, randomized, and various pharmacotherapies (ie, epoprostenol, treprostinil, iloprost, ambrisentan, bosentan, sitaxsentan, and sildenafil). Relevant abstracts were identified by searching the online message of recent conferences. Only clinical studies in patients with PAH were included in the reasoning, with a lucidness on randomized double-blind studies. Studies enrolling at least 50 patients coverall and at least 5 patients with NYHA or WHO functional didactics II limit were included. Studies were excluded if they were conducted in healthy volunteers rather than in patients, if they only examined pharmacokinetic parameters, or if the length of therapy was less than 3 weeks ( Board 2 ).


Five randomized, double-blind studies were found for the different therapeutic agents: 2 studies of sitaxsentan, 1 thoughtfulness of ambrisentan, 1 examination of sildenafil, and 1 thoughtfulness of treprostinil.

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