Sildenafil and Antidepressant-Associated Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction associated with the use of serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRIs) has been reported in 30% to 70% of treated patients and is a significant conferrer to discontinuation of these medications. In a multicenter, university-based, double-blind, prospective work that was funded by the producer of sildenafil, 90 antidepressant-treated men with sexual dysfunction and remitted affective disorder were randomized to receive 6 weeks of care with sildenafil (50 to 100 mg) or medication (mean age, 45; continuance of antidepressant use, 27 months). Sexual dysfunction was defined as erectile problems, delayed exclamation, or lack of orgasm. Most patients were taking an SSRI.

On standardized valuation scales, significantly more sildenafil recipients than medicine recipients showed marked betterment in sexual social occasion (55% vs. 4%); however, viagra had little essence on sexual arousal. In both groups, scores on geological formation scales remained consistent with remitment. Other than vexation (reported by 40% of sildenafil recipients) and flushing (17%), few adverse effects were noted.Remark

This affected role radical was highly selected: All participants were healthy, had no medical procedure that could impair sexual affair, and had no sexual dysfunction prior to antidepressant tending. Nevertheless, these results indicate that sexual dysfunction in at least half of these SRI-treated patients improved with viagra artistic style.

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